What does this all mean?

I crave a different kind of culture. I crave the kind of culture that makes me think twice about the way I see the world. I crave culture that bends my perception of myself and the world around me. I crave eye-popping culture.

Throughout my life I have always been attracted to eye-catching visuals, and twisted story-lines. This blog will serve as a homage to the art, film, literature, television, and web that tantalize your pupils, hypnotize your head and soothe your soul. Sounds too good to be true!

I see culture as being defined in two primary ways. First, as a set of musical, artistic, literary, and theatrical specimens that were historically deemed by many (primarily the hierarchical upper-class) as being exceptionally constructed and therefore worthy of critical analysis and contemplation. In the Euro-centric version of this definition of culture Vivaldi, Monet, The Odyssey and Shakespeare would all be such specimens.

Second, culture can be seen as a set of socially constructed traditions, rituals, and ideas.  In this sense culture is practically intrinsic to those born into a given society, because it is all they see until they witness the culture of another people. Shaking hands seems a universal introduction to Americans until we learn that in other cultures they bow, or kiss on both cheeks.

Now that we have looked at these two very different definitions for the word culture we will go into the sub-category which many know as pop culture. What is pop culture? And in any form can it really be eye-popping (metaphorically speaking of course)? I think so!

Pop culture has been widely accepted as a highly monetized form of our first definition of culture (musical, artistic, literary, and theatrical specimens). Thinks television shows, music videos, or web-sites that are primarily made to gain viewer ship i.e. advertisement sponsors, record sales or product sales.

Pop culture can also be seen as specimens that have taken on a socially invasive quality, in that they becomes widely known and talked about. Think of graffiti art, slang or the flash mob phenomenon.

I intend to use this blog as means to analyze all forms of popular culture that I find particularly metaphorical, soulful, mind-boggling, aesthetically pleasing or just downright eye-popping!

Now with that being said it’s time for a brief personal introduction! My name is Samantha Gay Petersen, (yes, Gay is my middle name) and I am currently studying journalism at California State University Northridge. I began my foray into college life as an art major, and even studied for a semester in Florence, Italy. A couple years ago I came to the conclusion that art is awesome, inspiring and an ever-evolving passion of mine, but it is not what I want to get my degree in. I then took up journalism, and was so lucky to become the arts and entertainment editor at Pasadena City College. I am now working as a personal assistant, barista and bartender while going through school. I anticipate an actual career so I can drop the three job titles for one impressive one. As a journalist I hope to make life a little more interesting for my readers and/or viewers, and to inform them of important occurrences and artistic endeavors in the world that surrounds them.

Now enough about me, let’s see some eye-popping culture!


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