Romantic Comedy is a genre loved by many, and hated by many (men in particular). Sometimes it is cheesy and lovey-dovey, but what’s so wrong with that? I’ll admit to liking some romantic comedies but in small doses as I find the themes very repetitive throughout the genre. What themes you may ask? Well monogamy, masquerading, and the hierarchy of ideas of course. And aside from that in real life does the guy always get the girl? No. Do people exuberantly display interest in one another based on menial knowledge of the other person? Well maybe. But you get the point, the genre can be idealist in its romantic nature (or maybe I’m just a bit cynical).

One romantic comedy film that I found amusing was the film “Knocked Up.” This movie has a role reversal of characters (contrary to stereotypical gender roles) that I enjoyed. The main characters Ben and Alison are from two different worlds (how cliché) and they end up doing the dirty deed and getting knocked up (hence the title). Alison is a striving broadcast journalist for the E! chanel and Ben is unemployed.

The disguise that Ben is putting up is that he is in the slightest way successful. After Alison learns that his website is a flop, he later begins his disguise of being prepared for fatherhood and not a complete pot-head. Alison is trying to hide the fact that she is pregnant from her employer. The hierarchy of knowledge is the fact that these characters know their disguises while other characters for the most part do not.

Despite their differences and endless arguing Ben and Alison decide to work on their relationship in order to create a happy environment for their child. The result is monogamy and the quintessential guy gets girl ending.


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