Foxxcon and the flaws of capitalism

The people (often very young) who work long, monotonous hours for low wages in other countries to make products for American companies to sell to the American public make me wonder about our capitalist society. At what point did consumers become so detached from our possessions that we do not care how they were made, and under what circumstances? A very potent example of our capitalistic, consumerist society being ignorant to the way things were created is evident in the iPhone.
Within the last few years the story of Foxxcon Technologies has surfaced. Though the corporation has many locations, the Shenzhen location has garnered much notoriety. Allegedly employees at this location work long hours for low wages, and are not provided adequate safety measures. After a slew of employees jumped to their death from the roof top of the building the company opted to surround the building with nets that would catch those who tried to jump. These nets brought on much media attention, because rather than creating better conditions for their workers they made it so that their attempts to kill themselves on-site would be futile.
The virtues of capitalism are anti-totalitarianism, where a tyrant cannot control society or businesses. But, it seems to me that this form of capitalism is becoming a tyrant in its own form. These citizens are so poor that they cannot afford to lose their job, and they are made to be so powerless that they cannot speak up about miss-treatment in fear of losing their jobs. The corporation acts as a tyrant that traps employees in a homogeneous work-force where everyone must abide by strict rules (supposedly workers cannot speak to one another while on their shift). Though it is said that a primary flaw to capitalism and outsourcing work is that your clients are offered less work from your company and have less money to buy your goods. Yet, this does not seem to be the case with the iPhone, which is still one of the most popular cell phones in the U.S.


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