A Look Into Band Films!


            When watching films about musicians, especially those who belong to bands that have supplied hours on end of life-altering tunes, you get a backstage pass into that person’s life and journey. Though sometimes the films created by or about artists aren’t exactly accurate or telling, they can offer a new sound to a song you’ve heard many times prior. The filmmaker often constructs the film in a way that promotes an image that supports the band’s pre-existing image. A large part of being a highly successful musical group is to have a distinct image and a strategic way to sell it. I do not think that all successful musicians put abundant emphasis on creating and maintaining an image, but I do think many have an effortless image that is not constructed or thought out. In my opinion, these natural images sell better and are genuine to the fans and music consumers.

One such band that naturally exudes style, attitude and mystery is a little band called the Doors. In the film, based upon this band, appropriately called “The Doors” a group of musicians follow a pathway to success through the psychedelic sounds that they create.  The film primarily follows lead singer, Jim Morrison, and his soul search that leads him to music. In the film we are sold an image of the Doors that is very edgy, daring and artistic. With my prior knowledge of the band and Jim Morrison I feel that this film depicted the Doors well. The generation is depicted as being very drug-oriented, artistic and forward thinking, and it seems as if that also is an adequate depiction. As the band lives in a city, they support Durkheim’s theory that urban life is a space for creativity, progress and a new world order.

Overall I enjoyed this film and it’s depiction of a band that has supplied me many hours of musical joy.



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