Fight Club: Spoiler Alert


In the novel, Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk the theme of identity is prevalent. The protagonist character suffers with such a disconnect from his own identity that he ultimately creates an uuber-self. This second identity is his better version of himself, but the twist is that he is unaware until the books close that he is doing this. He is unaware that he is creating this identity because it manifests itself in the form of another person, Tyler Durden. This seemingly schizophrenic conception of an alter-ego is Tyler’s way of avoiding the normality and monotony of his daily life. Through Project Mayhem he becomes the person that his alter-ego embodies. Tyler tells him, “you are not a beautiful unique snowflake” to point out the mass culture that he has become similar to. He points out that consumerism has begun to take over his existence, and Project mayhem is a way to counteract that.

In spite of this drone-like consumerist existence the protagonist creates a club, a fight club. This club allows it members to feel alive, to feel pain. This club was an outcry to counteract a meaningless regimen of work outside of the club.

This novel delves into the subject of identity and identity crisis. Tyler Durden feels so stuck in his life that he creates an enhanced version of himself unknowingly. He creates the club to escape his monotonous regimen and ultimately allows others to escape through the club as well.



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